• 5 Trendy Ways to Wear TurtlenecksFebruary 20th, 2015

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    Turtlenecks are certified wintertime classics. But for some reason, most ladies have distaste for this classic piece of clothing.

  • How to Style a Puffer CoatJanuary 20th, 2015

    Bulky puffer coats can look really chic when styled right but if not, they can be super unflattering which is something that not anyone would ever want or aim for.

  • Easy Ways to Add Protein to Every MealAugust 19th, 2014

    Protein is essential for a healthy and nutritional diet. Not only does protein keep you feeling fuller for longer, but it also is a must post-workout to help your muscles recover more quickly.

  • Supplements for Fuller, Shinier HairAugust 5th, 2014

    Every girl yearns for long, full, voluminous hair. Unfortunately, most shampoos and conditioners leave more to be desired when you’re trying to achieve that coveted, toss-worthy mane.

  • The Best Free Fitness & Health AppsJuly 29th, 2014

    Everyone strives to look great, feel great & live great. However sometimes life gets in the way and derails our routine.