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Brand: OPI

From OPI’s website:
OPI takes to the American road with a palette of shades that brings a new spirit of classic style of life.


  1. Are We There Yet?
  2. Color To Diner For
  3. Honk If You Love OPI
  4. French Quarter For Your Thoughts
  5. A-Taupe The Space Needle
  6. Road House Blues
  7. Suzi Takes The Wheel
  8. I Eat Mainly Lobster
  9. Uh Oh Roll Down The Window
  10. My Address Is “Hollywood”
  11. Get In The Expresso Lane
  12. I Brake For Manicures

My Thoughts:
I really liked this collection as it has some very bold and voguish colours. It has something for everyone — from an orange peach shade to hot reddish shocking pink and from gray to navy blue! This collection boasts very different shades which will particularly work very well if you want everyone to notice your nail polish. Surely some attention-getting colours.

Favourite Colours:

  • A-Taupe The Space Needle — It’s decent, sober and chic at the same time.
  • French Quarter For Your Thoughts — Because it’s a very chic and voguish shade!
  • Color To Diner For — Simply because it’s just too HOT to handle and looks awesome on every skin colour. Definitely something to wear at parties!

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What do YOU think of this collection? Do you like it or is it not one of your favourites? Tell us in comments below!

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