Things Every College Girl Needs


College life can be really hectic because of the difficult courses, assignments, and tests. However, these years are also the best time of your life. We’ve compiled a list of things every college girl needs to help her through these next few semesters:

A Good Big/Spacious Bag. Every girl must have a spacious college bag to carry all the daily essentials.

A Wallet. To keep your money, cards and school ID in.

A good jacket. You’re going to need a great jacket for walking to and from class as well as for when you’re walking around campus.

Travel coffee mug. If you had no choice but to schedule that 8am class you’re going to need it – trust us!

Cute bedding. Check out Victoria’s Secret bedding. They’re super cute and come in the twin XL sizes that most dorm mattresses require.

Pictures of friends and family. To help you feel more at home in your new space.

A good planner. To help you manage all those incoming assignments and due dates.

A spending account. Living away from home is expensive when you start going out with your friends or when you have no choice but to go out to eat.



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