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Is Stress Causing You Hair Problems?

You’re stressed out over your kids, your day job, what to make for dinner, and on top of it all you’re late picking up your in-laws from the airport! What could get any worse? How about a bad hair day! Is stress causing you hair problems? Those pesky gray hairs or even worse- extreme shedding? No worries – we’ve got your solution! 

Problem: Shedding Hair

When you’re stressed out, your diet can become chaotic and left to chance while you scurry about forgetting to eat healthily. Eating poorly means that your body is only gaining a limited amount of nutrition, it’s only directing the energy to your vital organs to keep you running – and your hair will probably be pretty low on the ‘vital to live’ list. When nutrition is kept from your hair, the follicles in the growing stage go immediately into a resting and shedding phase.  

How to Treat: 

When you’re literally able to ‘rip your hair out’ with just a gentle tug, loosing more like 300 strands a day rather than the normal 100 per day, you need to see your doctor. If caused by poor diet, your doctor will most likely tell you to add B12, zinc, and iron to your daily vitamin regimen. These nutrients are crucial to hair growth. Stress-management will probably be apart of the discussion as well while diet alone is most likely not the only cause. In the mean time, use thickening shampoos that coat hair with amino acids or consider styling with a dry shampoo. These products will help keep scalp oils from weighing down thin hair while offering hold and nutrition.

Problem: Graying

For years we’ve seen the president of the United States, who holds the most stressful job in the country, go from dark to gray fairly quickly. Until recently, researchers could never completely understand this. In recent years, research conducted at NY University School of medicine, proved that physical stress, such as burning your hand, causes melanocytes, the stem cell responsible for hair color and other regenerative processes, to migrate from the hair follicles to other parts of the body to promote healing. These leave hair without pigment and therefore gray. The researchers theorized that emotional stress might also be associated with the depletion of melanocytes, which set off the graying of hair.

How to Treat:

Currently there is no known way to reverse graying, but some of the latest home and salon hair colorants are formulated with an oil-based delivery method that can help to mask these silver strands by increasing the dye penetration into the shafts and coat the grays so that they lie flat and smooth. Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent color work quite well and only cost $10!


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