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The Dirtiest Places In Your Kitchen

Even a kitchen that appears to be spotless and sparkling might still be harboring millions of bacteria and germs in places you’ve never thought they would be! These germs spread easily and can make their way from cutting boards and eating utensiles right into your digestive system and make you sick. Not sure if you’re disinfecting your kitchen the proper way? Here are a few of the dirtiest places in your kitchen that you should make a point to disinfect on a regular basis:

The Fridge Door Handle.
Studies show that microbes from chicken and beef can almost always be found on fridge door handles!

The Sink. 
Cross contamination in a kitchen happens very frequently. When you’re preparing chicken for instance, and reach to grab a spice out of a drawer. You should always wash your hands first for 15 seconds with soap and then turn off the faucet with a paper towel. If you don’t use a paper towel you are just reinfecting your hands with the germs that were on there when you went to turn the faucet on.

Also, you should always be sure to clorox your actual sink each time you finish cleaning your kitchen as this are harbors the most bacteria.

Dish Towels. 
After you dry your dishes with a dish towel, the moisture and heat in the kitchen can make your towel the ultimate breeding ground for germs. You should always change your towels frequently and wash them with bleach.

Can Opener.
Salmonella, E.coli, yeast and mold were all found on can openers. When cleaning your can opener, pay special attention to the area around the cutting blades and remove all food residue.


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