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DIY Projects to do This Weekend

Does your weekend to-do list look a little dull?  Here are some fun DIY projects to do this weekend to spruce up your routine:

1. Pinterest DIY Projects.
We’ve all spent hours glued to the computer searching through Pinterest and pinning all our hopes and dreams like a mad woman. Choose this weekend to peel yourself away from the computer and actually make one of those awesome DIY projects you’ve pinned. Allow your inner artist or bob villa to come out!

2. Redecorating. 
Redecorate your living space to make it more trendy or season-friendly. You can go as crazy as repainting your walls, or opt for a less permanent solution and just change up your decorative pillows and picture frames.

3. Cook something new. 
Cook something different. Research fun recipes on Pinterest and cook something special for your guy. You can even turn this into a cute stay-at-home date night idea and make a full meal together.  Try some new recipes from different cuisines, bake your favorite desserts, or even try your hand at homemade sushi!

4. Photography.
Grab your camera and go for a hike on a local trail or to a tourist attraction near by. Channel your inner photographer and try to capture unique angles.

7. Make Jewelry.
Michaels craft store has inexpensive jewelry kits that you can buy.  Not only is making jewelery is very fun, but you can also design your own unique pieces that you’ll be able to flaunt when you go out!

8. Makeup.
Experiment with different makeup looks. Try different styles and colors that you’ve never tried before. Who knows, maybe you’ll surprise yourself and find a new look that works even better for you!


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